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December 9, 2012
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After a long period of peace it seemed war had been brewing. Some ten years ago the largest family of the lands fell into oblivion when the heads of the family and top generals suddenly fell ill and died within a short period of time. Without their leaders and supporting fighters the herd was doomed. It didn't take long for other families and rogue groups to steal and kill most of the once vast amount of horses which were part of the Nuran. Those who did not die or join other families disappeared from the lands and weren't heard of ever since. And without any sign of the perpetrators the lands fell into complete chaos..

The change of leadership has affected the lands of the Cherry Oak greatly and things have never been the same since the 'great event'. Yet life goes on and the constant struggle of survival continues. The hierarchy is ever changing: some get promoted or start herds of their own and some will be swept from the lands to rot in the barren outlands. Which path you will tread is up to you yet never forget the power of simple chance.

You should visit the grounds of the cherry oak at least once, but be prepared for the magnetic, tempting, ever dangerous whirlpool you, definitely, will find on your quest to the road of power. It doesn't matter how small your ambitions are, in the end everyone benefits from winning. After all, even if you are reluctant to fight for status, you still won't be able to resist absolute divinity.
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